Finding Your Person



Are you single and a bit over the dating scene?



Interested in making a relaxed and authentic connection with another single human, in-person?



If you are less about hookups and more about finding Your Person, then we invite you to be part of a fun new documentary series. 



No competition, no host, no bells or whistles. Just you and another lovely single human jumping in and giving it a go.


Whether you get romantic, friendship or zero feels - all good.


At the very least, you'll have gained a potential new friend and a few laughs along the way.





P.S. Just so you know, this production is committed to being inclusive and are aiming for a diverse cast with regard to age, sex, ethnicity, ability, race, colour, national origin, sexual orientation and gender identity. If you live with disability, with no access to a support person for assistance, flick us an email for some human guidance in completing the form.


P.P.S This is a safe, fun, science-based exercise, the main shoot only requiring a half-day of your time with some possible follow up interviews after the record. Run by a respectable production company and under all the usual safety protocols of a major network. 




Eligability requirements:


All participants will be 18 years and over.

You must be single and interested in having an open and honest conversation with someone.

We request you upload 2 x recent pictures taken within the last 3 months (At least one should be a selfie).

We also need a video submission with you answering some questions about yourself.

You should know we will conduct background police checks on applicants. You must agree to this as part of your application.

You will need to be double vaccinated and to undergo a COVID test 72 hours prior to filming.




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