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Hard Quiz Series 3

Welcome to the HARD QUIZ application page.

We're looking for people from all over Australia. Please note the topics below that have already been on the show.


Finally, that ‘thing’ you know better than everyone else could help you win a TV game show!  Do you have a specific area of interest, a topic you know inside out?

We want specificity.  But it could be about anything!  You may know a lot about basketball, but that’s a bit broad.  Perhaps you have an intimate knowledge of the Hockeyroos or a particular player like the legendary Nova Peris.  You may be totally across World War II, but even better, you know enough about World War II aircraft you could go toe-to-toe with anyone in the country.  You may be a real animal nut, but we’d love it more if you were the most educated person in the room when it comes to arthropods.  Or you might just know an unusual amount about Australian stamps.

Please note the topics below have already been covered on the show, so choose something else Tom can grill you on:



1980s computers

Elton John      


The Chronicles of Narnia       


English Premier League Football


The Cold War

Amelia Earhart

European Languages

One Direction

The 1975 Constitutional Crisis



NASA’s Apollo Program

The Beatles

Audrey Hepburn



The Brady Bunch

Australian Birds

Explorers of Australia

Oscar-Winning Directors

The Brat Pack

Australian Comedy

Field Marshals of the British Empire

Phil Spector

The History of Apple

Australian Medical Inventions

FIFA World Cup

Pride and Prejudice

The Human Body

Australian PMs



The JFK Assassination

Australian Reality TV

Formula 1

Punk Rock

The Julio-Claudian Dynasty

Aust Venomous Animals


Queen Victoria

The Mighty Boosh

Author, Matthew Reilly

French and Saunders

Quentin Tarantino

The Oscars

Avatar: The Last Airbender



The Princess Bride

Babe Ruth

George Orwell

Red Bull Air Race

The Rockford Files

Banknotes of the World

Grace Kelly

Renaissance Art

The Simpsons



Richard Gasquet

The Smashing Pumpkins.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Greg Norman

RMS Titanic

The South Sydney Rabbitohs

Billy Joel

Happy Days

Robin Hood

The Southern Cassowary

Board games

Harry Potter books

Roger Federer

The West Wing

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hawke and Keating

Saturday Night Live

The Wives of Henry VIII

Capital Cities





Hunter S Thompson

Sex and the City

Thomas the Tank Engine

Charles Darwin

James Bond Movies

Shirley Temple

Tom Hanks Movies

Cold Chisel

JRR Tolkein

Sigmund Freud

US Geography

Commercial Aviation

Judy Garland

Simon and Garfunkel

Vintage  Washing Machines



Small Arms of WW2

Wars of the Roses

Diana, Princess of Wales

Led Zeppelin

South Park

Winston Churchill

Downton Abbey

Michael Collins

Summer Olympics


Dr Who


Terry Pratchett

WW2 Aircraft


Military Aviation

The Bangladesh Cricket Team


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