Hard Quiz Series 9


This is the HARD QUIZ Series 9 application page. If you are completing a saved application using a link from the HARD QUIZ production team, please proceed using the COMPLETE SAVED APPLICATION tab. If you are starting a new application, please go to hardquizcasting.com.au



Welcome to the HARD QUIZ contestant application page.


Finally, that ‘thing’ you know better than everyone else could help you win a TV game show!  If you reckon there’s something you know more about than anyone else, this is the show for you. It could be anything!


We’ve had experts on subjects ranging from the Russian Revolution to Radiohead; from the Julio Claudian Dynasty to the TV show Dynasty; and from Wicked the musical to Weird Al Yankovic.


We get lots of applications for Films & TV shows, so we encourage topics that go beyond these. Things like Science, History, Animals, Geography, Medical, Aviation, Transport, significant people etc.  


Click on this Previous Topics Link to see the subjects that have already been covered on the show and won't be repeated. Do a word search for your subject. (On a Mac: Command + F, on a PC: Control + F) 


We're looking for people from all over Australia so whatever your ‘thing’ is, check that it's not on the list and if you're 18 or older, click on Apply


For general enquiries or if you require the application form in a different format, please email tomquizshow@abc.net.au

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