Application for the High School Formal TV Show


Welcome to the online casting application for our exciting new TV series all about the world of high school formals!
This new series is for a major network, and it's all about you and your school formal. 
We want to know what's going to make your formal the night of all nights!  Is it the shoes? Is it your outfit?  
Or is it the hot date...? 
If you have a formal coming up, and you love the idea of starring in a national TV show all about it, then apply online to register your interest!
Please read through Terms and Conditions before starting the application.
1.To be eligible for this program you must have a school formal coming up (even if it's next year).
2. As a minor, you must provide full details of your parent/guardian in the application for it to be considered. 
3. You must be an Australian citizen or have been a permanent resident for over two years.
4. Please include a current photo and/or video or yourself in the application as well as a photo of your parent/guardian.
Show Name High School Formal Show
Application Status Closed
Application Start Date 14 Aug 2012
Application End Date 31 Oct 2012
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