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FOXTEL is casting for a replacement host for landscape designer Charlie Albone on Selling Houses Australia.  We're on the hunt for a charismatic, passionate landscaping pro. If you know more than a thing or two about gardening and are keen to give TV a crack, we want to hear from you!  The successful applicant will also become News Corp Australia’s new gardening columnist.  


Selling Houses Australia is a long running top rating property show on the LifeStyle Channel – it helps sell homes which are languishing on the market by improving the interiors and exteriors.  



Applications must meet the following criteria: 



•    Horticultural / landscape design diploma or degree or relevant experience.

•    Experience in landscape design

•    Experience in hands on landscaping  / gardening

•    Must be a great communicator and team player and not be afraid to get your hands dirty on camera 

•    Ideally can write (part of the role will involve writing relevant articles/website pieces).

•    Be willing to travel from mid-May 2021 until October 2021 Australia wide. (This is close to a full time commitment which would prevent you undertaking other full time work during this period)

•    Be able to attend site visits (recces) and design gardens.

•    Must be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia.



Video Upload 



Duration up to 3 mins  Introduce yourself and tell us why you think you can make landscape design interesting for our viewers/or be a great replacement for Charlie. Tell us about a plant you love or garden design you've done and why it was interesting. Please talk directly to the camera looking down the lens.


This can be shot on a mobile phone (please hold your phone on its side in a landscape frame). You can edit clips together to make your final submission.



Applications Close April 2021 



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