My Kitchen Rules 2024



The search is now on for all new teams to take part in the experience of a lifetime.


If you love cooking, entertaining, fun and adventure, then apply now to be a contestant on the next series of MKR. 

Application Instructions.


Teams of Two are required for MY KITCHEN RULES.

The first team member will be referred to as APPLICANT A and they must complete all questions in the section named APPLICANT A. The second team member will be referred to as APPLICANT B, they must complete all questions in the section named APPLICANT B.


1. Team members must have a pre-existing relationship. E.g. friends, relatives, partners, etc 


2. Both team members must be at least 18 years of age.


3. Both team members must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia. You will need to provide proof of identity on audition day.




5. Only one Applicant can be logged on at a time. Do not log on at the same time on separate computers or you may risk losing some of your answers.


6. Once each page is completed, hit the NEXT button and your information will AUTOMATICALLY be saved. If you need to stop in the middle of a section, hit the SAVE button before closing. This will ensure your work is saved for your return. 


7. All applications, photographs and any videos must be submitted via this online application site. 


8. You need to upload at least 1 (recent) photograph of you and your team mate TOGETHER.  Please have it ready. Ideally you will have close up facial photos and full body photos of both applicants as well. 


9. If you would like to upload a video of yourselves please have it ready. The video should feature both of you together. You and your partner need to tell us everything we need to know about why you would be perfect for MKR. Be yourselves. No longer than 3minutes please! File size must not exceed 50MB. (Video formats include: avi, mov, mpg, wmv) 


10. The sooner you complete your application the better.


11. Ensure you read the Terms and Conditions in this application form. They are available to view by clicking the 'Terms' link at the bottom of any of the pages of the application after you click Apply Now.


It will help your application to complete this form in one sitting. So, set some time aside with your team mate, have your photos/videos ready, and enjoy filling out this form. Be honest and have fun. We look forward to hearing from you soon.  You will only hear back from us if you move through to the next round of the casting process.  


Video Submission


If you would like to submit a video of you and your teammate, it will help us get a better idea of what you’re like as a team. 


Be as creative as you like.  A few questions you may want to answer in your submission could include:


1/ Your names?

2/ What do you love about cooking?

3/ Why are you applying for My Kitchen Rules? 

4/ Why should you, as a team, be part of the show?

5/ Describe each other




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