Restaurant Revolution



Channel 7 is looking for teams of one,  two, three or four people from all over Australia to compete in an exciting new show. You will turn your vision for a restaurant into a reality, while competing for a life changing prize. 


Team members must have a pre-existing relationship. Eg. Friends, family,  relatives, partners, etc.

Eligibility Requirements:


Team members must be over 18 years of age on the day of application.


Team members must be an Australian citizen or have been a permanent resident for at least 2 years to participate.


Ensure you read the Terms and Conditions on the application form.


To complete this application you will need photos of all team mates.


To enhance your application, you may like to include a short video of yourselves. Briefly describe each other, tell us why you’d like to be on Restaurant Revolution, and what makes your team special and different.


If you are successful in applying for this opportunity you MUST be able to commit to a filming period of up to 3-4 months in 2015.



Thank you for your time in completing this application and Good Luck!

Show Name Restaurant Revolution
Application Status Closed
Application Start Date 28 Oct 2014
Application End Date 11 Jan 2015
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