The Amazing Race Australia, Series 3


The world's biggest TV adventure is back!


The Amazing Race Australia involves teams of two racing around the world for the chance to win a big cash prize.


If you and a teammate have what it takes then apply here.


Please review the following points carefully before starting your application.


1. All applications must be submitted as a team of two - Applicant A & Applicant B.


You and your partner should tell us everything we need to know about why you would be perfect for the race.


2. Both applicants must be 21 years of age or older on January 31st 2014.


3. Both applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or have been a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand for at least 2 years.


4. Neither applicant may be now or have been in the past 2 years an employee, officer, director or agent of the Seven Network, TVNZ or their affiliates, or be associated with any news or media outlet, including any web based media outlet, in Australia or elsewhere.


5.  You must submit ALL material for your application to be considered:


- 1 x completed application per team


- 3 x recent photos in .jpeg format - one photo of Applicant A, one photo of Applicant B and one photo of both


- Applicant A & Applicant B (your team) together in the same shot


- 1 x 3 minute video of your team.  The video must feature both Applicant A & Applicant B together.


- The video should tell us about you and your relationship with your teammate, and why you want to be on the show.


- DO NOT send us a re-enactment of the Race, the program's title sequence, a music montage or a selection of holiday images.


- Ensure that both the audio and vision of your video is clear.


- You must upload your completed video as a .mov, .avi, .wmv or .mpg file. The video file must be a maximum of 50MB.


6. Preparing your application will take time. Before starting the online application form you must have the 3 photos and 1 video  ready. The online application form will take approximately one hour to complete. Only completed applications will be considered.


7. Only submit one application per team but you may submit additional applications with different teammates.


8. Both applicants must agree to the Terms and Conditions within the online questionnaire.


A copy of these Terms and Conditions may be viewed on our website at 


If you have a casting question about the show, please email it to


We will only contact you if you have been selected for additional interview. 


Thank you for your time and good luck!


Show Name The Amazing Race Australia Series 3
Application Status Closed
Application Start Date 23 Oct 2013
Application End Date 22 Dec 2013
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