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The Secret Life Of…

Screentime Productions is making a brand new documentary series, that will follow a group of children as they meet each other for the first time during a pivotal stage in their lives. We will film these children as they take their steps towards independence and explore social rituals- everything from sharing toys to friendly competition, to playground interaction.
The entire process will be observed and monitored by leading child psychologists who will provide occasional comment on the children’s stages of development.
We are looking for four and five year old children and their parents to take part in this ground breaking documentary. Your child will be needed for up to 3 weeks of filming between mid February - late March 2018.

Please fill in the following application form. You will also need to supply a photo of your child, and an (optional) 1-2 minute video of your child talking about their favourite toy/ interests/ friends or family.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Applications close November 30th 2017

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