Prepare yourself to get TRACKED - the most adventurous challenge on TV.  



Set in the furthermost corner of the globe in New Zealand’s remotest and most epic landscapes, eight intrepid pairs will face demanding, daring and intense challenges whilst being constantly chased down by an elite tracking unit of special force  operatives.  


There will be eight events spread over the length and breadth of New Zealand and each course will be designed to test a variety of skills as teams spend 3 days evading capture, trekking through terrain and pushing themselves for success by finding the evac zone and the chopper to the next round.



The stakes will be high and the pressure will be relentless. Those that get caught by the tracking force or fail to reach the evac zone will be eliminated and returned home.



Teams will need courage, stamina, strength and smarts in order to outwit and outrun their fellow contestants to the final cash prize and the glory of being crowned season champions.



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