Ultimate Tag






This new prime time TV show is the ultimate version of everyone's favourite schoolyard game.



If you love running, jumping, climbing and dodging, this unique, big-event competition is for you!



Speed, fitness and agility will be rewarded. We’re looking for men and women who want to challenge themselves against the fittest, fastest and most daring athletes in the country. 



Sports-lovers, fitness freaks and superheroes in training… everyone is welcome to try out! As long as you're 16 years or older. 



You will need to be available for one day between the 31st August and 13th of September 2020 for a potential remote try out.

You will also need to be available for the period of shooting between the 12th of October and the 3rd of November 2020 in Sydney.


There's a huge cash prize on offer for the best male and female players crowned the ultimate winners. There's just one rule: DON'T GET CAUGHT!


If you want to play TAG - hurry !! Applications close 30th August 2020



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