BIG TINDER WEDDING - Terms And Conditions



Terms & Conditions for Big Tinder Wedding promotion






By submitting this entry form (“Form”), you consent to the following terms and conditions herein, including to Akcelo Pty Ltd (the “Organizer”) reviewing the information submitted on behalf of Tinder. 


(1)    Eligibility: Entrants must be over 18 years old, reside in Australia & be legally able to get married in Australia within the timeline set by the Organizer. Only one entry per couple is allowed. Multiple entries from the same couple will be disqualified in the final review of total submissions to ensure a fair result. The intention of the campaign is to celebrate LGBTQIA+ couples that met on Tinder, to be eligible to claim the prize you must be able to substantiate that you met on Tinder. All submissions (including your contact details) must be yours only, and not of a third party from whom you do not have permission to share. The Organizer & Tinder will investigate each submission, including without limitation to verify that the couple met on Tinder, conduct police checks, and any other enquiry deemed necessary. This extends to any personal information or documents shared with the organizer. Fraudulent submissions may be reported to the authorities.


(2)    Promotional period: Entries for the ‘Big Tinder Wedding’ campaign (the “Promotion”) will be accepted from 7:00 AM (AEST) on February 20, 2023, and close at 11:59 PM (AEST) on April 1, 2023 (the "Promotion Period").  Only applications submitted and received during the Promotion Period will be accepted.  The Organizer is the official timekeeper of this promotion.


(3)    How to apply: There is only one way to submit your application form, via Only one entry is permitted per couple. To apply: 1 ) complete the required fields listed in the Promotion application form at, to the best of the couples ability; 2) In the designate field & in less than 500 words, tell us the story of how you first matched on Tinder, & why you want to get married with us in the Big Tinder Wedding; (3) submit a 60-sec video telling us more about you as a couple & (4) agree to the terms and conditions listed. Only by completing all three steps in the process, & submitting the application form, will an entry be considered. 


(4)    Conditions of entry: By submitting this application, you hereby consent to the Organizer sharing the following personal data with Tinder, as submitted in your application form: (i) full chosen names, (ii) your designated pronouns, (iii) email address, (iv) Mobile number, (v) Location, (vi) mobile or email linked to your Tinder account (if different to above), even if your account is de-activated, (vii) mm/yyyy you matched on Tinder, (viii) written submission, (ix) A short 60-sec self taped video & (ix) dates of birth.


By submitting your application, you consent to the Organizer's collection, processing and sharing of your personal data as described in this notice. You have certain rights in relation to your personal data. In particular, you have a right of access, opposition, deletion of your personal data that you can exercise by contacting the Organizer here


Other than: (a) as described in Section 7; and (b) when you are selected as one of the winning couples (for which Tinder & Organizer will retain your information as long as is required to process the Wedding Prize below), the Organizer and Tinder will delete the personal data collected in the context of the Campaign within 60 days following the end of the Promotion. Organizer & Tinder shall have the right to use, display and share the entrants image, inclusive of proposed partners, from the application process and use such information in connection with the marketing activities of the Promotion & Tinder Big Wedding campaign. Any entry deemed by Organizer or Tinder in its discretion to constitute spamming or any kind of misconduct shall be disqualified.


All submissions (including your contact details) must be yours only, and not of a third party from whom you do not have permission to share. Organizer & Tinder will investigate each submission, including without limitation to verify that the couple met on Tinder, conduct police checks, and any other enquiry deemed necessary by Organizer or Tinder. This extends to any personal information or documents shared with the Organizer. Fraudulent submissions may be reported to the authorities.


5. Winner determination & verification: Organizer has no obligations to choose your submission as one of the winning couples for the Promotion. Organizer or Tinder shall not have any liability or obligation to you (monetary or otherwise) in relation to your voluntary submission of your application. Organizer’s decision as to which submissions to choose as the winners of the Promotion is entirely discretionary, non-reviewable, and final. No explanation will be given if you are not successful.


Within a reasonable time after the end of the Promotion Period, up to 10 potential winners (5 couples) will be selected from the pool of all eligible entries received during the Promotion Period.  Each potential winner will be chosen by a panel of (3) independent judges who are marketing professionals, based on the following judging criteria applied to each Entrant's entry: Creativity & Uniqueness of Tinder Love Story and submission (50%); Location (25%); and Consistency with the Tinder brand ideals (25%) (together, the "Criteria").  The Entrants with the highest combined score on the Criteria will be selected as the potential winners.  In the event of a tie, the Entrants with the higher score on the more heavily weighted criteria (Creativity) will be selected as the potential winners.


If you are contacted directly by the Organizer, you are solely responsible for the data which you may choose to provide directly to the Organizer & Tinder. 


6. The Prize: The Big Tinder Wedding prize (‘Wedding Prize’), identified as the package on the website, is estimated to be a market value of $25,000 AUD per couple, which is inclusive of but not limited to Venue Hire, Flights for 2 x Couple to Venue, Accommodation prior to wedding, Wedding Planning (limited to specific activities), Wedding Cake, Wedding Attire, Entertainment, Catering and a $5,000 AUD contribution to the honeymoon for the entrant(s) only. Tinder may add to, delete, upgrade or downgrade the inclusions in the package in its absolute discretion.


The prize value excludes, among other items, flights and accommodation for friends and family, additional items requested that sit outside the outlined ‘prize’ amount.


Organizer & Tinder will select the Wedding Venue, the Wedding date/time and will determine the maximum number of guests. You must accept and comply with Organizer & Tinder’s decisions on these and other matters to participate in the Wedding Prize.


The entrants acknowledge that the Big Tinder Wedding event will not be exclusive to each entrant couple only. As part of the campaign, the entrants acknowledge other couples may be present at the wedding, post ceremony activities (such as party) and photos.


If selected, the entrants give consent and acknowledge that the Tinder Wedding and all its associated activities, inclusive but not limited to the Wedding itself, will be filmed and documented by Organizer, Tinder and associated parties, and entrants give full consent for in perpetuity global use of image in organic and paid media channels, inclusive of but not limited to OOH, Digital and Social Channels, Websites, Trade Publications, TV, & PR. The full terms of this usage will be provided as a further contract, to be completed for each successful Applicant.


By submitting this form, you release Organizer & Tinder from all claims whatsoever directly or indirectly related to your submission, including without limitation your non selection, or if selected, any matter at all concerning the Tinder Wedding, the Wedding Process, or its cancellation or any decision to withdraw the Wedding Prize. You shall indemnify Organizer & Tinder against a claim made by a third party in respect of such matters.


7. Right to Modify or Cancel: Organizer or Tinder may cancel this campaign at any time, for any reason, without any obligation to you. Organizer’s decision is final and we reserve the right and sole discretion to change the campaign, for any reason and without notification. If you are chosen to receive the Wedding Prize but Organizer or Tinder decides subsequently, at any time, that you and your partner are not suitable, it may withdraw the Wedding Prize, such decision is entirely discretionary, non-reviewable and confidential. You are not entitled to compensation.